About Foster Parenting

Many children are in need of a safe and loving home environment. These children may have been abused or neglected. For many of these children, a foster home is the solution.

Keeping Kids Safe, Inc. was founded to provide a safe and loving environment for children who are unable to stay in their home, whether it be a day, a year, or longer. Keeping Kids Safe is always looking for families that are willing to open their homes to children in need.


What Are Foster Children Like?

Foster children are males or females, ranging in age from newborns to 18 years old. They may be a single child, or part of a sibling group that needs to be placed together. Foster children may have no delays, or they may have physical or emotional delays. Some foster children may struggle cognitively or socially. They are children who want to belong, children that need to be shown love and guidance.

What Do Foster Parents Do?

Foster parents are an important part of a foster child’s life.

  • They provide for their basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing and supervision
  • They transport the child to their appointments, family visits, and court hearings
  • Foster parents arrange for their dental and medical care
  • Foster parents also role model positive parenting to the child. They provide love, support, and security as well.