Independent Living Program

About the Program

The Independent Living Program to provide a realistic living atmosphere for teens who are needing to develop necessary life skills while in a supervised setting. Keeping Kids Safe Ohio, further referred to as KKS, will offer shared living arrangements in a home with an onsite house parent. We have two separate homes, one for boys and one for girls. KKS will accept youth any race, color, and/or national origin, either sex from ages 14 – 19 years of age. Participants while in the program are expected to continue their education, be employed or actively seeking employment and strive to master the essential life skills. We are dedicated to support, guide, and teach these teenagers through independence living skills, allowing them to acquire the knowledge and ability to become a successful member of society.

Why it’s important

Many youth are not provided with the opportunities to learn the skills they need to live independently
once they emancipate from foster care. Keeping Kids Safe realizes the importance of teaching the basic skills and
will at a minimum provide the following training to youth who reside in the KKS Independent Living Home.

What they’ll learn

  • Food Management (cooking, shopping, meal planning)
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Yard Work
  • Health (basic health care, making doctor appointments, medications, etc.)
  • Banking / Money Management
  • Education (Current and future planning)
  • Communication / problem solving skills
  • Spiritual
  • Transportation
  • Emancipation

The outcome

Through this “Hands On” Independent Living experience, the youth are more prepared for transitioning to
self-sufficiency. The outcome of this program will allow youth a better understanding of what “living
independently” fully entails. This program will also decrease the number of teens that become homeless
due to lack of preparedness for emancipation.

Independent Living Home Eligibility

Participants in the program must be in the custody of a child welfare agency, the Ohio Department of Youth Services, or through a Juvenile Court system. KKS IL Program will accept youth ages 14-19 years of age, male or female. The program will also accept pregnant youth or youth who are parents. Participants are expected to continue their education, be employed or actively seeking employment and strive to master the essential life skills.

Community Concerns

Keeping Kids Safe strives to be a community friendly agency. If anyone in the community has concerns or
pertinent information, they may to share or express their concerns information to the corporate office at
567-525-4520 or they email us directly via our contact page.

Examples of the living space available

  • laundry room

  • Kitchen2

  • Kitchen

  • Half bath

  • Familyroom

  • familyroom 2

  • familyroom to basement

  • basement

  • Boys House

  • Bathroom

  • brown bedroom

  • blue bedroom

  • black bedroom